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Our Mission:

Over the past 20 years our planet has gone from 100,000 tigers to less than 4,000. Their population is dropping sharply and it is estimated that they will be extinct within the next few decades thus leading to a sad future without a beautiful creature. Tigers are majestic, loving animals, that should never be erased due to the ills of mankind. Our team is dedicated to delivering quality products that are carefully hand chosen. These products represent memories, adventure, and the fact that good people still exist. 

A percentage of our proceeds will be donated to "Big Cat Rescue" in Tampa, Florida and they can be reached at This organization provides proper shelter, food, and medication amongst time, love, and protection, which is far more important. As our company grows we will continue to show proof of funds donated, photos of our team personally volunteering at the shelter, and how your contribution is helping our furry friends have a brighter tomorrow.


Paisley Tiger